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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Khairul Azwan Call For Unity Through Moderation And Acceptance @AzwanBro

Malaysia has recently succeeded in gaining a seat in the United Nations Security Council and was given the chairmanship of ASEAN 2015 for the third time since its first in 1977. These are achievements that are a testament of the faith and trust that the international organisations have placed on us.

With the recognition, it is unavoidable that a higher level of scrutiny would also be imposed on the country's administration.

Which is why we need our weaknesses to be pointed out once in a while as no one is perfect, just like not one government can fully please its Rakyat.

The criticisms serve as a reminder and as a lesson on which other areas we need to work on to achieve our 2020 vision.

Although some international bodies were seen in a couple of occasion to be biased against us and painted a bad picture about Malaysia, still global leaders such as the London Mayor Boris Johnson and United States President Barrack Obama have repeatedly commended our achievement and commitment toward human rights and progressive politics.

Not excusing our flaws, these praises must also be taken into account as it will provide us a better perspective of our home. The only kind of country that belongs not just to a single race and religion, but a home that is owned by multiracial society. However, international image must be improved and enhanced with high standard of integrity, governance and assurance or independent audit.

I, representing the Umno Youth who just like the rest of the nation, also face life hardships and commitments that come along with our hope to achieve a better standard of living. To obtain this, all of us must work together in unity, peace and harmony that can only be achieved through moderation. Moderation in our way of thinking, moderation in our manner of speech, and moderation in the criticisms we throw at the leaders of our country, regardless of which party they come from.

Remember, that the international leaders themselves have put our governance on par with theirs. We should be proud of the commendations we have received like Johnson's recent statements praising our multiracial culture, our public transportation facilities, and our Islamic financial system.

Also, of the improvement in our Corruption Perception Index that saw us climbing three spots, ranked at 50 out of 175 countries worldwide. While we have to admit that there are still many areas that needed to be improved, the Rakyat, including me, should stop condemning and start appreciating the positive things our country has achieved.

- AzwanBro

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