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Saturday, 13 October 2012


PAS's Life Is In The Hand Of DAP?

Nik Aziz's statement in Utusan Malaysia saying that PAS needs DAP, and in Sinar Harian, that DAP Has Never Harassed PAS, had given a shocker to PAS.

What we can see from his statement is that PAS seems to believe that there is no other way for them to head to Putrajaya but to work alongside DAP.

As if the power of Allah SWT is limited and He cannot help them if they are to use other methods. And DAP's power is a lot bigger than Allah SWT to ensure PAS's position in Putrajaya.

As if, without DAP, PAS has nothing. That is how low PAS is in the eyes of its leaders and that is how disgusting PAS really is on the general term.

For PAS, Putrajaya is so big that it is more important than defending their religion.

In a way, it is true what people say about PAS where the party lives for elections and all of its energy is used only for politics, not for Allah SWT. PAS believes that if they do not get to Putrajaya, there would be no Islam in Malaysia.

When the fact is, Islam is not just in Putrajaya, it is in the heart of every Muslim.

For extreme PAS supporters, they denied the statement within a blink of an eye by saying that the media twisted the whole thing, so they just pretended as if nothing happened.

For a few PAS supporters who are rational, they choose to keep their feelings to themselves, they refuse to think about it with the hope that the issue would subside just like that until Pakatan Rakyat wins the coming election.

However, the real impact from the statement would definitely hit those who are undecided but considering PAS as their party. They somehow still could not really accept PAS's craziness in wanting to be in Putrajaya, after Nik Aziz made the statement.

If previously PAS always denies that they would do just about anything for politics, including putting aside religion and race just so that they could please DAP, Nik Aziz's statement simply proves that the denial was just empty talks.

By admitting how much PAS really need DAP, Nik Aziz only confirms how weak PAS really is, hence, proving the sentiments where PAS is seen as DAP's slave or DAP's dog is true.

In other words, PAS is a party with no dignity, putting themselves under DAP just so that they could be on top.

With no dignity, PAS is not willing to let go of DAP when DAP insulted hudud and Islam, when the fact is that DAP is always prepared to kick PAS if the party insists on implementing hudud and Islamic country.

If PAS supporters are huge fans of Nik Aziz, Nik Aziz is a huge fan of power.

And such extreme attitude had made them blind until they are unable to see the clear picture where PAS really need DAP more than DAP need them, how can they expect to defend Islam if PR rules when DAP is against it? How can PAS go against DAP's agenda when they are really afraid of DAp kicking them out?

PAS then would keep on hanging to DAP and follow their orders just as long they could be in Putrajaya.

Thus, PAS's supporters should be reminded that they should stop dreaming about having an Islamic country if PR rules because as long as Nik Aziz kept on letting the party become slave to DAP, nothing can ever happen. Just accept that PAS's weakness is caused by the stupidity of its leaders.

The leaders become stupid because of power. And the sad thing about these people is that they would let others make them look like fools.

The conclusion, it is true that Islam is a religion for those who are wise because stupid people would often mislead and misuse until it causes destruction to themselves, their family, race, religion and their country.
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